How Much Does A Rhinoplasty Cost? - Sunny Park Facial Plastic Surgery
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How Much Does A Rhinoplasty Cost?

One of the most common questions I get asked is how much a rhinoplasty (a nose job) should cost. The simple answer is that there is no set price. The more complete and detailed answer is that the cost will depend on various factors. For example, the region and location of the practice, the difficulty level of the nose job itself and the expertise/philosophy of the surgeon will all contribute to the cost.

Rhinoplasty is a not an easy surgery

If you talk to any surgeon who has performed many facial surgeries, he or she will tell you that rhinoplasty is the most difficult surgery of the face. Why is that?

First, the nose is a very complicated structure. It stands in a pyramidal shape that not only changes as we age, but can look drastically different even with the tiniest surgical change. Think of a tripod — if you shorten or lengthen just one of the legs, the entire tripod position and shape will change.

Secondly, the nose exists to serve a function; it gives you the ability to breathe. When doing a rhinoplasty, the surgeon needs to understand that any change, whether cosmetic or reconstructive, can affect the breathing either immediately after surgery or even years after. He or she needs to have the technical skills and the knowledge to be able to surgically prevent any possible nasal breathing issues in the future.

The location and region can affect the cost of a rhinoplasty

The cost of a rhinoplasty depends on where the practice is located. The price may be less in more rural areas while higher in the more urban areas. In addition, if the practice is located in a well-to-do area, it will likely cost more. The cost of any elective cosmetic surgery will reflect the overhead of a practice like any other business.

The complexity of the nose will affect the cost of a rhinoplasty

If you have already had a rhinoplasty before, there will be more work and it will also take more time. In a revision rhinoplasty, there will be various amounts of scar tissue which will make the surgery much more laborious. In addition, there may be more areas that need to be manipulated and require grafts, thereby increasing the cost of the surgery.

If you have functional issues (breathing through the nose), the cost may be higher. It is crucial that your surgeon correctly diagnoses as to why you cannot breathe through your nose. Correct diagnosis is important since that will guide your surgeon as to which surgical technique would be appropriate. I have seen patients who come to me after having had a nasal surgery elsewhere for functional issues and still continuing to have the same issue. Making the right diagnosis when it comes to nasal issues can be tricky and many surgeons unfortunately miss the actual cause.

After the correct diagnosis is made, surgery is performed not only to fix the actual problem, but also to prevent any potential future problems. This may mean adding grafts to add structural support. It is always the hardest to predict what may happen in the future as a result of the aging process and the surgery itself. This entire process adds more time and complexity, both of which can add to the cost.

The crooked nose

If the nose has been noticeably crooked for many years, the surgery will be difficult. The crooked nose is a challenge since it can present with both cosmetic and functional issues. Many times, the entire structure of the nose needs to be taken apart and rebuilt. However, whichever technique the surgeon decides to perform, the structure inside will have “memory” as to how it was before and will want to be crooked as before. As a result, many supporting grafts may be necessary to overcome this “memory”.

Cost also reflects the surgeon’s work and philosophy

Your surgeon may also base the cost on his or her expertise and experience, both of which will be at the surgeon’s discretion. This is subjective and will vary greatly from surgeon to surgeon. However, just because someone charges an exorbitant amount does not always mean he or she is the best. Some surgeons do not believe in extremely high costing surgeries and don’t necessarily want the surgeries to be affordable only to wealthy patients. The cost, in the end, really reflects the surgeon’s perception of his/her own work and philosophy.

Final advice

As you can see, there are many factors affecting the cost of a rhinoplasty. But remember that the nose is the centerpiece of your face and will always go noticed. As such, while price is always a consideration, it is more important to choose the right surgeon who will do the right job.  Rhinoplasty is a complex operation and you have to choose someone who is skilled over someone who offers a tempting price point.  Look for an experienced surgeon with whom you feel comfortable and share the same aesthetic tastes. Check the surgeons’ qualifications and board certifications. Having had training in Head and Neck Surgery (or ENT- Ear, Nose, Throat) will ensure that your surgeon will know how to balance the way your nose should look with its core function, being able to breathe through nose.