Non-surgical Plastic Surgery Newport Beach | Cosmetic Non Surgical
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Botox and Dysport

BOTOX® and Dysport eliminate wrinkles and temporarily reduce the signs of aging. For over 30 years, BOTOX® has delivered the best wrinkle-eliminating results and are excellent non-surgical facial rejuvenation methods. These muscle immobilizers are the ideal treatment options for both men and women who desire a younger, smoother look to the face without surgery, anesthesia, and downtime

BOTOX® is made of a neurotoxin, botulinum toxin type A, and is used to temporarily stop the aging process and reduce the signs of aging (lines and wrinkles). It temporarily freezes facial muscles causing lines and wrinkles on your face and neck. It is a popular option for men and women wishing to reduce the appearance of frown lines between the eyebrows and lines across the forehead. It is also used to eliminate crow’s feet and unattractive bands across the neck.

Dysport is similar to BOTOX® and delivers similar results. The difference is in the preparation and doses given. Some patients respond better to Dysport than BOTOX®, and vice versa. Dysport prevents the contraction of facial muscles, temporarily eliminating wrinkles and lines on the face and neck.

Dermal Fillers

As we age, we naturally lose the youthful fullness and volume in the face. This affects both men and women alike, and they become concerned about a hollowed out, tired appearance. There are many fillers available today, and it takes knowledge and expertise to know the appropriate one to use. Dermal fillers are a non-surgical technique to replace lost volume and aid in facial rejuvenation. The effect is immediate with very little discomfort and downtime.

Dr. Sunny Park offers the following dermal fillers, or facial injectables:


Rejuvenate Your Face and Neck Without Surgery!

Sunny Park Facial Plastic Surgery is now offering minimally invasive non-surgical face and necklifts using INFINI. This is an energy-based device that combines microneedling and radiofrequency to promote collagen production for fresh youthful skin tone and improved elasticity. The end result is tightening, lifting and reduction of fine and coarse wrinkles for all skin types with decreased discomfort and downtime compared to other devices.


Unlike many of the other energy-base devices, INIFINI can focus radiofrequency in the dermis of the skin where collagen is. The depth of the radiofrequency is specifically controlled using the microneedles and can range from 0.5mm to 3.5mm. This in turn generates heat in the dermis and can stimulate collagen production. As a result, the surface of the skin is bypassed and minimizes any unwanted pigment changes. This makes any dark skin types ideal for INIFINI.

Downtime is usually about 24 hours as mild redness will be seen where the treatment is done. Thereafter, normal daily activity can be resumed including exercising. Sun protection is always warranted if sun exposure is expected. However, unlike laser or chemical skin resurfacing procedures, avoidance of the sun is not necessary.


Results are usually seen over a course of weeks to months; visible tightening can be seen as your body produces collagen after the treatment. As such, results can be variable and some people will take longer to show results than others. Usually, two treatments, 4-6 weeks apart, are needed to see optimal results.

Preparations for the treatment

Hydration for a few days prior to the treatment is important. Topical numbing medication will be applied for about an hour before the treatment in the office for your comfort.

Ideal candidates

Patients who have an active lifestyle and want to minimize downtime
Patients who do not want surgery
Patients who want skin tightening and rejuvenation of the face and neck
Patients with aging face or neck
Patients with acne scars

Chemical Peels

Chemical peeling is a popular skin resurfacing method that can produce consistent results. Chemical peels drastically improve the skin’s texture, pigmentation, and can eliminate fine lines and wrinkles.

Superficial Chemical Peels
Superficial skin peels are great for virtually every skin type, skin color, and age. They are perfect for patients with very sensitive skin. This in-office procedure has no down time and creates a visibly smooth texture. Superficial chemical peels are perfect for lunch breaks. When performed regularly, treatments will provide noticeable anti-aging results.

Medium-Depth Chemical Peels
Medium-depth chemical peels are an excellent option for mild skin pigmentation concerns and wrinkles. When combined with lightening agents, and performed regularly, a medium-depth chemical peel can significantly soften your skin’s texture, reduce lines or wrinkles, and improve areas of skin discoloration.

Deep Chemical Peels
Deep chemical peels are the most effective type of chemical peel. Deep skin peels drastically improve your skin and produce long-lasting results. Redness following this peel lasts 2 or more weeks and gradually fades. A deep chemical peel should only be performed by a medical doctor trained in this procedure, like Dr. Sunny Park.